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Remodeling a tiny guest bathroom

The homeowner Kristin contact us for remodeling a bathroom on the second floor on a house which aged 95 years old. We discussed the project in detail

and timeline. The home owners see if we could have a bigger tub like a bigger Jacuzzi and adding a closet. We look at the demand and understood we wouldn't even not reach minimum requirement and ask if they want we move the wall toward to the bedroom about two feet. In addition adding a closet to the bath.

The previous renovations didn't done correctly then we had much more to do in order to have durable and safe result. We hade to remove a few tiles layers and concrete from middle of joists which they structure did damaged. we support the second floor from foundation and remove all extra weights. we repair the existing structure which wasn't safe. Also upgrade the plumbing system. The project finished but not on time because some more extra issues we encountered and the subcontractor's delay. But we support all the floor joists, rise the settled ceiling, support the load bearing wall, and remove the extra projections which took spaces. . We water tight entire bathroom. The project finished on its best possible own existing condition.

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Arsitecht, Home Improvement, Raleigh, NC