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The construction of a building or infrastructure involves first an assembly of people, a definitions of process, and the creation of a site specific work space. To succeed with these practices in this environment, we as a business, fundamentally change the methods of operation the way the technology align within strategy and vision. Through collaboration and data management during an asset's lifecycle, sharing information efficiently can support better integration and interoperability among all project stakeholders. 

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In case of residential projects, we approach each one of them base on the properties and the character. In order to provide a ballpark, We would gather and collect some basic data then will generate them. This will allow us to provide an average cost which means a, range between minimum and maximum cost although we would have deeper analysis at the time of agreements and we may also communicate during the progress.  

In most of the cases, BIM workflow, preferred in order to achieve the certificate of occupancy within the budget and timeline. In other hand the method minimized the project's change orders and errors.

As a mandatory duties for each construction companies by Federal and state law, we also follow the OSHA, EPA and American National Standards. We will categorized these projects within data we have. 

For instance, a 1960 single family dwelling may required tasks such as lead base paint test or asbestos and different approach in case of renovation. Other factors such as technical issues, geotechnical considerations, Structural or utility issues may need to considered. IN addition Site conditions, weather, material and a few other factors impacted on each projects where we would estimate. 

Quality and Durability 

There is minimum quality and craftsmanship required on IRC or NCRC which is considered as the company's minimum standards and we wouldn't respond to those inquires if considered otherwise.

How do we approach 

Base on the project size, availability and the amount of data required we may physically or virtually visit the site and collect this data to estimate the labor and material costs. You may also have the construction documents or other references. 

In this case we just provide a ballpark and basic consultation within your project free of charge.

In case of consultation, your project will be objective in our analytic system and all applicable factors will be considered. We definitely standardized the method of construction, consider IECC, IGCC and USGBC LEED rating system. 


A project costs may includes; Geotechnical fees, Survey, Documents, Applications, Insurances, Materials and appliance, Labor and may tests. We simply estimate a project base on the size and may payments divided to two stages from small renovation projects to bigger projects base on stage completion which will negotiate at the time of agreements. 


Each trade master craftsman licensed and insured and base of the field of practice will performed the work. We will collaborate the project tasks during pre-construction and management. In addition, This could be greater bond if the documents and modeling provided by us.

General Note

In general the most single family houses erected used Light Wood Frame systems mostly in NC State but we will open to other systems as well as CFS, SMF, CMU


The Construction Team

You might be noticed a construction project even the small ones involved so many specialized skills and trades that the work cannot normally be undertaken by a single construction firm. Instead, the work is generally done by a team consisting of the general contractors, Your project may have concrete works, framing, roofing, windows or curtain wall and so on.

We would consider each firm limited to that liability under the prime contractor. 

We would notice you if your project involve any other trades and subcontractors. 

We are practicing DBB or Desgin-BId-Build or Design -negotiate- Build method and open to limit liability such as Design or Build.


Don't hesitate to contact us. If we can't help may find right sources.


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Arsitecht, Home Improvement, Raleigh, NC